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The measurement and specifications can be confirmed through the column which includes the range required after confirming the torque range. This table only shows typical specifications. Specifications other than those shown can be created.
Please contact us for information on other specifications.

Low Cost Type(Free-Stop Low Model)

This is a normal type of free-stop hinge. It is assembled from standard parts, so it can be offered at a comparatively low price.

φ5 φ6 φ6 F+Type φ7 φ7 SP-W φ7 F+Type φ8 φ8 SP+Type φ10.0 φ12.8 φ12.8 Nut φ16.0 φ16.0 Nut φ20.0 φ20.0 Nut

Pin Type(Free-Stop High Model)

This is a low diameter, high performance free stop hinge. It provides a smooth feeling of operation and a high durability.

φ6.0×L14.0 φ6.0×L15.9 φ6.5×L15.5 φ7.0×L20.0 φ10.0×L20.0

Latch less Type

This is a hinge that doesn’t require a latch and retracts when closed. We will configure it based on your desired specifications through a wide variety of variations.

φ6.0×L9.4 φ6.5×L14.5 φ7.0×L8.4 φ7.0×L11.5 φ7.0×L20.0 φ8.0×L11.3 φ8.0×L13.3 φ8.0×L16.3 φ8.0×L19.6 φ10.0×L19.0

Two Axis Type

This type of hinge can be rotated horizontally. It is possible to restrict the degree of rotation based on your request, such as 180° rotation or 360° rotation. It is also possible to have the hinge click at any angle.

φ10.6 φ12.0 φ20.0 φ20.0(φ9circular hole) φ21.0 φ26.0
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