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About the slide module for cellular telephones

This was developed for cellular telephones. It can be used by sliding the transmitting and receiving parts upward and downward. This is the slide module for cellular telephones.

Important elements for cellular telephones

Thickness, stroke, right-left backlash, competence, and strength

  • ・Possible from an actual thickness of 1.5 mm
  • ・Maximum stroke: Over 60 mm
  • ・Right-left backlash is prevented by our company’s original structure
  • ・Operability based on various spring shapes + actuators
  • ・Strong detachment control based on our company’s original connecting structure
  • ・Others, negotiable

Smooth operation feeling with small backlash

By utilizing the roller structure, backlash-preventing structure, and volatile grease at the rail guide, we realized high durability and the structure that can move smoothly even if force is applied in an oblique direction.

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