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Standard product line information

At Katoh Electrical Machinery Co., Ltd., we listen to the customer’s wide-ranging requests and work to develop a satisfying product. From the planning stage to contracting, we offer original products and services that meet our customers’ needs.

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    Cellular Telephone Hinges

    We develop and design various mechanism to meet customer needs such as folding, swing, and two-axis rotating mechanisms.

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    Notebook Computer Hinges

    We work to create products which respond to diverse needs such as variable torque mechanisms which are designed to be low diameter, high torque, and easy to open and close.

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    Copier Hinges

    We develop reliable products with a focus on their operability and the concept of friendliness to people and the environment such as lift mechanisms, damper mechanism, and electrical mechanisms.

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    Television Stand Hinges

    We create products that are more than just mechanisms such as horizontally and vertically rotating mechanism which also fit in with the appearance of the stand.

  • Video Camera Hinges

    In addition to two-axis and three-axis types, we have also introduced new styles of operation.

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    Slide Modules

    We develop and design various styles to meet customer needs such as manual, semi-auto, two-stage, and bi-directional modules.

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    Magnet Units

    These magnet units are mostly used in double doors. They are used to hold the position of the left and right doors in the same plane when closed and to push away the position of the open door when opening.

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    Damper Units

    These units are mainly used in copiers or other such devices to slow the speed of opening and closing. They are typically used in the hinges of copy machines.

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    Toilet Units

    We develop and design units used in toilets such as those for soft closing toilet lids and electrical opening and closing units.

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    In addition to the hinge types above, we also work on hinges for TV remote controls, medal games, lens covers, helmets, headphones, and other products.

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Information on the PDF Catalog Distribution Service

In response to customer demand, we distribute our “Standard Product Guide” via PDF file.

Unpublished data can also be specially prepared, so please inquire with one of our company sales representatives.

Head Office:045-933-2211 (FAX:045-933-2216)

  • Cellular Phone Hinges
  • Notebook Computer Hinges
  • Copier Hinges
  • Television Stand Hinges
  • Video Camera Hinges
  • Slide Modules
  • Magnet Units
  • Damper Units
  • Toilet Units
  • Variations
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