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The Strength of Katoh Electrical Machinery

60 years since foundation

Founded in 1957, we have built up a 60-year history responding to changing times, technological innovations, and changing customer needs.
In the face of these great changes, Katoh Electrical Machinery has maintained its management style and corporate culture, unaffected by the international environment. We endeavor to further develop as a specialist manufacturer; the expert in hinges.

We strive for the development of proprietary products and active promotion of technological innovation.

Since Katoh’s creation, all of its employees have pursued operability which values emotion while working together to improve as “Technical Katoh”. They have achieved a high added value return only available at Katoh, and they are contributing to society.

We have constructed a global network

Pioneering a borderless world whether inside or outside of Japan, product development, production, and sales bases are being expanded overseas. Katoh is building a manufacturing network and production system which can quickly supply products to meet the needs of its customers.

“Technical Katoh” responds to all kinds of needs as a leading company with its cutting-edge technology and global network.

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